EC Obstetric Legal & Training Ltd specialises in providing Medico-legal Expert Reports on the Standard of Care during Pregnancy and Childbirth with special reference to intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring using a Cardiotocograph (CTG) as well as Fetal ECG (ST-Analyser or STAN) and operative births (caesarean sections and vacuum and forceps) as well as massive obstetric haemorrhage.

Training on the use of intrapartum fetal monitoring and operative vaginal births (vacuum and forceps) is offered to Law Firms to help solicitors specialising in Birth Injury Claims to understand the medcio-legal perspective to highlight breach of duty and causation in these areas as well as for Midwives and Obstetricians from a clinical perspective. CTG Masterclasses and Fetal ECG (STAN) Masterclasses cover pathophysiology of fetal hypoxia, wider clinical picture such as meconium and chorioamnionitis and and interactive illustrative case discussion. Special Hands-on training on Ventouse and Forceps deliveries are also offered to individual Healthcare Organisations.

Edwin Chandraharan conducts One Day and Two-day CTG or Fetal ECG Masterclasses in 8 countries around the world with the aim of reducing unnecessary operative interventions (emergency caesarean sections, forceps and vacuum) as well as reducing hypoxic-ischaemic injuries durnig labour